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Default Re: Russell Crowe IS Jor-El

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Dream come true for me. As soon as I saw Thor I hoped Krypton could be half as incredibly well portrayed as that.

Obviously it'll be a little different, but so far it looks incredible

One of things I love most in Thor was the sweeping shots of the lanscape of Asgard... and you just know Snyder's going to kick ass with that
Hopefully they'll handle the actual sets and costumes better, though. I hated that stuff in Thor, too clean and shiny and ultimately fake-looking and cheesy to me. But Snyder's production design is always on-point, so I can't wait to see his Krypton. I mean, just looking at Jor-El's amazing costume, I already know I'll like Krypton's costuming a hell of a lot more.


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