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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

-Blake becomes Nightwing, Not Batman, but in the process has trouble fighting crime, while he has Bruce's technology, he does not have the same fighting background. Bruce watches from afar, somewhere in Europe as Blake tries to fight crime as Nightwing, but is struggling, because he was not trained as a league of shadows member, therefore, unlike batman he can never truly adopt the dark, or master deception. As a result, Batman/Bruce are re-introduced to assist blake, in taking the mantle as Gotham's new hero. Bruce, has aged and as a result can no longer fight as he once did, Nightwing is captured by a new super villain, so Bruce must find a lazerus pit so he can return his body to it's prime. In the process Bruce rediscovers his passion for saving the city and remains in Gotham for good to help Nightwing fight crime as it has risen again, believing batman was gone for good

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