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Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Well they are pretty much putting all their chips on this movie. If it succeeds, it determines the future of all DC franchises... no pressure...

So it's not surprising to me that they'd be willing to invest a bit of money into what could be their last attempt (if it fails miserably).
indeed; though it's interesting to know that they're supposedly putting more money into this film than Marvel Studios did for "The Avengers", since I think it was said that the TA had a production budget of about 220 million.

On another note, I'm glad that for this story, that it seems like it'll be a story that takes place or really starts at the root of Krypton's last days with both its destruction and the battles fought between Jor-el and Zod. It definitely gives this whole story a larger than life feeling in terms of scope, knowing that Superman is pretty much concluding, in a sense, the tragedy that began with Zod's insurrection, etc.

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