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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Here's the thing, WB's got a lot riding on this one film, or rather it's success...
It's cool that they think themselves about the superbowl(honestly a few trailers in the months prior and all is forgotten).

However it just doesn't seem like the type of decision you make when you got a lot riding on a film.
I still remember the wonders the Superbowl did for Transformers 3 and Captain America. not so much thor though. The spots themselves have to be on point.
Wasn't the Superbowl the first footage of Captain America though? Same for TF3 maybe?

I'm not too worried about the lack of Superbowl spot. Everytime I look at hopefuldreamers sig I am happy (4 months and a bit!). I think alot of people around here kind of underestimate the appeal of Superman, and I think Superman Returns wasn't as bad to his appeal as some people here believe. As in I don't think it really damaged him to a Batman & Robin extent.

Yes this is a reboot and they want to get that point across and I think the TV spots and whatever will do that job. The main thing that will help this film is if it's actually good. I think word of mouth is the most important thing with movies these days. Particularly if there is suddenly a culture built around it and it becomes popular to go and see it.

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