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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Yeah I think so too. Just how it reads when you consider Amy was at the Alaska set.

It should be interesting how that changes the dynamic. More of a throwback to the marriage days in the comics.
Which will only benefit the film really since I know that there's a large group of fans of the canon relationship who were pissed off and even quit reading and buying the mainstream comics after the marriage was dissolved in the New 52 reboot. Now the ones who watched "Smallville" just buy the Season 11 comic series since by all accounts, that series is closest to what we remember Superman to have been before the New 52 thing.

Plus, just from accounting the demographics that enjoy seeing both a great female lead and those who are fans of Amy Adams, which both equate to be a large sum in my estimation, I think having a well written relationship between Amy's Lois and Henry's Superman/Clark will only help the film's chances in gaining more seats.

That, and considering on how it seems to be a common belief for some that all heroes should end up and die alone, with their partners having tragically left them or died, it'd be nice to help break that belief by showing a healthy and mature relationship between Superman/Clark and Lois.

Well that, and it won't make either of them look bad for Lois not knowing Clark's secret in this day and age.

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