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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by MistaBinks View Post
Interesting that said postponed instead of canceled.

I'm curious why many of the media outlets claim that TPM 3D underperformed. How much was it supposed to make? It was a 1999 film that was just released on Blu Ray a few months prior that many people already owned on DVD and VHS. Was it supposed it gross 100 million domestically?
A lot of media outlets claimed it underperformed to just bash the films. A lot of outlets will do anything to put the prequels and Lucas in a bad light. Some outlets will actually call fans of the prequels idiots because they're hate for Lucas/the prequels is that strong.

I don't read from the media outlets anymore, especially when they edit their sources to just bash something they hate.

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