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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

Sure, us fanboys will probably love it.
But will it stack up against juggernauts like The Walking Dead, HIMYM, NCIS, CSI, The Big Bang Theory and the like? I'm betting no. That's why I hope it opens against weak competition --- throwing it into a suicide slot (like, Sunday night opposite TWD, as has been rumored) means it'll be D.O.A., no matter *how* good it is or how much of a cult base develops overnight.
I am very worried about ABC putting this up against TWD. I am super hyped for this show, but I have to admit that I would probably DVR SHIELD and watch TWD. It just seems like a bad move to put a much-anticipated show up against a mega-hit like that. I'd feel much better if they were to put it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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