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Regarding the budget...Chris Nolan calling the head of Warner Bros. Motion Picture department telling him he needs to check out Goyer's treatment of a Superman movie for modern audiences probably helped. Of course a week after that the film got greenlit and it's estimated budget.

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
So we got the Empire feature. What's next? Entertainment Weekly? Trailer #3?

Realistically what film will they attach Trailer #3 to?
I can't see a EW feature coming until a week before the film releases because the magazine is weekly it stays pretty topical to the TV/Movie events for the week and since their 2013 preview already featured MoS and a "new" photo I can't see them doing anything anytime soon.

Trailer #3? Hmm well I'd hope we only have to wait till March and if thats the case, well how about March 1st? Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' Jack The Giant Slayer drops on that date.

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