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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by regwec View Post

Routh looks comfortably the worst, to me.
I remember back in the day before Superman Returns came out, how I grilled on the SR suit. I hated the colors, how the Blue is washed out and the red is more of a burgundy color, the manties, the symbol baby emblem.

And now, seeing the MoS suit, I don't see those faults with the SR Suit (except for the small emblem). I think it's more modern and has that comicbook feel to it.

The MoS suit, which I like and now that I'm older..... I'm more acceptable and mature about it, but the suit is too dark. If this was the suit for SR, I would have gotten a heartache.

I think that everybody is waiting for MoS to correct the crap that we got over the years for Superman that people are more acceptable with the Suit, regardless that it's missing the trunks and how dark the colors are

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