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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

I understand why Dent dies in TDK and I like the story they told with him but part of me likes the comic idea of keeping him alive. Batman and Gordon always kind of a have a unique relationship with him as a criminal because they want to redeem him, knowing the good man he once was. I think they achieved a similar aspect with the way he was handled in TDK but when I first saw the movie, I felt like we never really saw Two Face, just Dent. He was suicidal by the movie's end and never was going to move on a form a criminal identity as Two Face. I had the feeling he was going to die that night no matter what happened. The "this" he is referring is life. There is no escape from the terrible world he has to live in.

I like the idea of Joker being comatose in Arkham like in TDK Returns while Batman is absent for the 8 years but never wakes up.

I like to think Blake is more Terry McGuinnes than Dick Grayson. When Gotham really needs Batman again, it's years later and an older Bruce trains Blake as Batman similar to Ra's and young Bruce.

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