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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
JGL would have made a perfect Dick Grayson and part of me wishes the reveal at the end would have been that, oh your birth name is Dick Grayson not John Blake which would have been believable since he could have been adopted and moved around through orphanages a lot.

But the reason I don't think of him as Nightwing is that these movies are only concerned with Batman and Batman as an everlasting symbol. If Blake were to adopt an new identity other than Batman, even if it's "new Batman" it seems that symbol is lost. Is Nightwing gonna show up when the Bat signal goes off? Why? Why not have a new symbol like his chalk symbol? This leads me to think he is mean to become a new Batman, making Batman a symbol and more than one flesh and blood man.
I use to argue with ppl on here on how Blake would become his own kind of crime-fighter, but as i watch the movie (and the trilogy) over and over it seems to me that he has to become Batman. It's very possible that he starts out in a suit that is influenced by Nightwing or Robin, in the same way that Bruce first went out there with the suit and a black mask over his face. But the idea is for him to be Batman if Gotham needs him.

He was just as much of a Tim Drake as he was Dick Grayson though. Even more so. I look at the character as a cross between Tim Drake & Dick Grayson...with the future of Terry McGinnis. He barely has any ties to Jason Todd imo.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
That scene would have taken the flirtation to a whole new level if he was Dick Grayson, lol

"You should use your full name. I like that name. Dick..."
LOL! The people who dont recognize the name would be laughing their asses off in the cinema, thinking the director threw in a sex joke at the climax of the movie just for the sake of being a pervert.

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