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Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post
Yeah, I agree. X3 sucks, so killing off Cyclops is not exactly something that should be used as a good example of anything. MK is not exactly a franchise with a large cultural footprint (GI Joe is hardly the X-men, but is got more behind it than MK) and Johnny Cage isn't exactly the main hero of the MK franchise.

Duke, on the other hand, is the main hero, or at least one of the main heroes, of the Joe franchise, and killing him off after just one movie, after he just joins the team, totally sucks. And it seems unnecessary too; GI Joe is a global operation, we don't need such a dramatic reason to explain why he isn't in the second movie.

I would also be mad if they killed off Scarlett too. Ripcord I couldn't care less about though.
I totally agree with you. No matter what you think of the actor involved, the charactor of duke himself needs to be a part of the g.i.joe movies. If you have watched or read the comics you know how important the charactor of duke is. To kill off a main-stay charactor because of the actor currently playing him is just crazy to me. Why not just recast the role...period.

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