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Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Goyer wrote the script and he's taken influence from Secret Origin and Birthright for definite.
Heres the thing I see Secret origin but I dont see much birthright iin the movie.

So far the trailers have hinted the following influences
1.Batman begins(Bearded hero lost in exile far away searching for purpose)
2.Donner(getting suit and peptalk in Fotress which helps him find his destiny)
3.Superman animated series(Bus save)
3. Smallville(Kent interaction)
4.Superman for all Seasons(Tornado scene)
5.Secret Origin(Military presence)
6.Kryptonian Mythology(inspired by Flyby)
7.Earth one(idea of Robot army and spaceships backing the Alien invader).
8.Last son(some aspects on Alien invasion)

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