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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
No worries hawkeye, I didn't interpret it that way.

I'm excited about the Guardians and the Falcon being added this Phase, but I was kinda hoping the introduction of new heroes would be a bit more staggered out throughout the phases... instead it feels a bit like this Phase is mostly further character development and then in Phase 3 there's this sudden surge of new characters all at once. It really feels like Avengers 2 will have largely the same team as the previous movie, with one or two minor additions.
At this point, I personally believe the roster won't expand too much in Avengers 2, either; but I still see enormous potential if some of the Phase II movies contain more secrets than have been divulged so far. In particular, I'm closely watching the rumormill for the possibility of Ms. Marvel (and Mar-Vell himself, by extension) in GOTG; the possibility of a Dr. Strange cameo in Thor TDW; and maybe even early appearances of Pym and his entourage, if Wright is in the middle of/through with filming by the time Joss starts lensing TA2.

But that's all strictly wishin' and hopin' for now. I think what we've seen of Phase II so far indicates that the general theme is about the individual heroes now reacting to this brave new world they've entered. Phase I brought them all together; Phase II is about them exploring what it all means, and how they can use their powers to beef up against even larger threats.


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