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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
In the fight with Catwoman, when Bats knocked Catwoman down, and she exclaimed "How could you! I'm a woman!" and he went to apologetically help her up, and she copped a sneak shot at him, I found that to be way out of character for Batman, he's much too smart a fighter to fall for such an obvious ploy (the equivalent of "Hey! Look out behind you!"). I don't care if she is indeed a woman, and generally speaking, Batman may indeed be a "Gentleman" in a non-combat situation, in the middle of an all out fight, his opponent's gender is not going to matter to him one little bit.
Well, violence against women is probably not something that Batman cares too much for. In the heat of the moment he may have been shocked by the fact that he hit her (not something he would normally do)... and maybe he thought she was attacking him because she felt threatened by him. I don't think Catwoman was clearly a "villain" yet to him at that point in the film.


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