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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by TheGuy View Post
I finished watching BF just now and I have new found appreciation with it. Is it only me that believes BF to be the most psychological live Batman film? Even more so than B89 and TDKR? Some of the complaints remain like the direction, Kilmer, and villains.
Kinda necessary since they continued the Burton movies but at the same time wanted to "fix" the mess that came before to establish a more heroic Batman (of course I doubt that any redemption for Keaton's Batman is realistic). A noble goal, but TBH, all Batman movies until Batman Begins felt kinda odd to me, a guy who had read Batman comics long before the 89 movie came out... I still LOL when people say that Burton's movies were in any way true to a version of Batman that came before 1989.

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