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Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
They're going to take a similar approach that they did with The Dark Knight Rises. Leave it until the last couple months before pumping the crap out of it. Relax, people know this film is coming.

If Captain America didn't have $300 million potential, but Superman does, why does Man of Steel need the Superbowl spot? Batman Begins had one too. Didn't work wonders then either.
The Dark Knight Rises was a sequel, MOS can't afford to market itself like a sequel. And didn't say it absolutely needed a Superbowl trailer but it does need better marketing because like I said it's not coming off of a billion dollar film.

Do you not understand words? I said the movie has the potential not that it's going to hit that number. Don't be so hung up on that number I'm just saying that it has more potential than Cap at the box office, that is all. I actually think it's crappy June release date kills any chance of it hitting those numbers but I could see like 250-270mil if it's lucky .

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