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Default Re: Which Company Wide Storyline Would You Like To See In MCU?

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
Infinity Gauntlet is the only worthy one I can think of. Maybe Secret Wars? All the recent stuff (Civil War on forward) has been dreadful.
Agreed. Marvel is addicted to "events" that are ill-conceived, poorly-written and usually manage to destroy quite a few characters. All they really want to do is create excuses for heroes to fight each other instead of facing down villains to push sales. Stories don't flow from character interaction; instead, characters are warped and reshaped to fit the plots Marvel's editors dream up.

Unless Marvel is going to change all of the details radically, they would be better off staying away from Civil Wars, Secret Invasion and the like. They don't need to damage the brand with stories that destroy their most popular characters.

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