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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I agree, that would be pretty goofy. If he just swooped down in front of him, then sure. But then you lose the epic visuals of them looking for each other through the crowd and Batman walking through the smoke.
I rather enjoyed seeing Batman and Bane fight their way toward one another. It flowed very well.

Here's my changes, taking into account some of The Joker et al's criticisms:

The Dent Act is gaining traction worldwide.

The Prologue is Bane doing a mission for a cartel boss, learning of the Dent Act from the boss, and stealing samples from the boss's laboratory.

The next time we see Bane, we learn that he has tracked down the infamous thief Selena Kyle and recruited her on behalf of his benefactor in Gotham, Daggett.

Catwoman makes her appearance at the scene where Harvey Dent had his stand off with Gordon. She searches the security camera archives in the surrounding area and shows off her martial prowess dodging guards/cops. She finds the damming video evidence of Dent, Gordon and Batman's final confrontation.

The next scene with Selena is at Wayne's party when she steals his fingerprints for Daggett.

Bane utilizes Daggett's assets to gain access to research facilities where he uses the cartel boss's sample to create a mutated strain of necrotizing fascittis, codenamed Venom.

Bane makes his public appearance at the GSE as usual. Events proceed as they did in the film up to Bane's attack on Gotham.

Bombs blow out the bridges and the football stadium. Instead of a bomb, Bane drags out a hostage--one of the politicians who wrote the Harvey Dent Act--and doses him with an injection of Venom. It is an accelerated form of necrotizing fascittis, so the results are quite horrifying for the crowd.

Bane gives his speech as usual. Another writer of the Dent Act is used to inform the Army as to why they'll help Bane keep his hostages.

Within Gotham, Selena and Blake confront their past demons in the atrocities committed by Bane's followers.

In the Pit, Bruce is given surgery by the doctor. The implements are not exactly sterile.

Bruce returns to Gotham. Tumblers patrol the streets while Urban Pacification Vehicles patrol the airspace around the city. They're loaded with missiles that explode and deploy Venom on impact.

Batman's first goal is to disable the Venom-laced bombs Bane has placed around the city, and gain access to Wayne Enterprises. Batman uses a gun like the one from TDK to fire something at the UPV's that disables their weapons systems. Batman then reveals himself to Gordon.

The war happens as usual. However, amidst the fighting, Bane triggers a string of bombs his men placed under Gotham during his reign. The city begins shaking to pieces. Citizens watch as Gotham falls apart ala the limbo city in Inception. Batman's facial expressions hint that the iatrogenic infection he got from the doctor's surgery is doing him in.

Years later a war-weary Gordon unveils the memorial statue; a distraught Alfred sees Bruce is off with Selena.

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