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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post

Colossus strides to meet one of the sentinels, grabbing the super-soldier's gun with his massive hand and crushing it beyond use. With his free hand, Piotr swings at the armored attacker, but the man nimbly ducks under the wild strike, sending a fist into Piotr's gut that actually lifts him off of his feet, if only for a second.

"Svyatoye derʹmo! I felt that one!"

Piotr head butts the soldier, the blow sending the sentinel stumbling backward. But before Colossus can press the attack, another sentinel from his flank tackles him, taking them both down to the ground and smashing the butt of his rifle into Colossus' face hard enough to shatter the weapon's stock...
While Colossus struggled with the two attacking Sentinels, Fire watched and waited for her shot. It wasn't until the large Russian kicked them off that she acted. Brilliant green flames flew from her palms and engulfed the two Sentinels.

Over her shoulder, more of the soldiers crashed into the clearing, opening fire on the rest of the X-Men. Animal Man shot off, zigging and zagging on all fours as he channeled the abilities of a jack rabbit. While he ran, Storm conjured up a powerful wind that began to push the soldiers sideways away from the clearing.

With a loud bamf and a puff of smoke, Nightcrawler grabbed a Sentinel on his back and teleported them twenty feet in the air. He let the man go and teleported back to the ground just as the Sentinel crashed into the jungle floor.


In the control center of the Krakoa Facility, Admiral Styker watched the fight from the Sentinel's head mounted cameras. They were holding their own, at least for now, but they needed something more.

"Slade," he said without looking from the monitors in front of him.

"Yes, sir?" Commander Wlison asked from behind him.

Stryker pointed to one of the monitors. The feed had been frozen, but it showed the gray-haired mutant in crystal clear high definition.

"Logan." Wilson's hand went up to his eyepatch on impulse.

"Go see Doctor Essex. I want you out there commanding them."

Now, Stryker turned away from the monitor and stared at Wilson directly in his eye.

"Time to field test the Marauders."

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