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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
People have to keep under consideration that this MCU isn't a literal translation of the comics. They're trying to weave all these things together in such a way that the different pieces fit. It's an entirely different medium and depending on the rest of the cogs in play, it might make more sense from a storytelling perspective that Ultron is somehow birthed from Jarvis.

Not saying that is how it's going to go down, but alas ......
You don't have to use the impersonal "people" when you're directing something towards me. I can take it. And of course I realize that this isn't a direct translation from the comics. But I think you miss the point.

I and others have been arguing that from a storytelling perspective, it is important to keep in mind that Ant-Man indeed will be joining the MCU, which means that the opportunity is there to be true to the characters both as they have been written in the comics as well as how they have been/will be portrayed onscreen, and that is the better option.

We've seen the Stark-technology-turned-against-him storyline a few times already (and we'll see what happens in IM3). So a Stark-invents-Ultron/JARVIS-and-then-Ultron-turns-against-him story would probably be easy to do; I'm sure we can imagine him dealing with the guilt of seeing his technology turning into a vehicle of destruction, and his determination to right the wrong. I bet we can all picture it. Probably because we've seen it before. Twice (maybe three times).

Now picture instead a brilliant scientist, similar to Stark in intelligence and ambition, but wholly dissimilar to Stark in his lifestyle and attitude towards violence and war. Picture a gentle man who seeks the scientific means to resolve conflict and achieve peace through the ideals of pacifism and collaboration. Imagine his hubris as he fathers an intelligence based on his own brain pattern, foolishly intending to create the ultimate peace-keeping machine, and imagine his horror in seeing his creation mirroring the broken, violent humanity within himself, a monster bent on destroying the very thing he was looking to accomplish. And imagine that driving him into a deep sense of self-doubt and depression, not determination. This isn't a battle between Stark and his guilt--this is a battle between Pym and his very soul.

Now imagine an Ant-Man character who could have been that man but instead kind of has to sit around because it was convenient to have Stark create him. You're stuck making a movie about a Pym who creates shrinking/growing technology and doesn't have much else to do, and you're stuck making the movie about Lang instead because nothing is really driving Pym's character. In that scenario, I think you've missed a huge opportunity.

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