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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
If it is Mattel's I have to eat my words bc I said way back when that they sucked and would put out garbage. That was purely based on their history of crap output so granted its justified. Lol But if this is theirs I am really liking what I'm seeing so far.
Start eating! :P

It's from their Movie Masters 6" line ranging between $15-18 and Mattel did a great job with TDKR MM line that even came with an awesome "Build-A-Prop" in the form of the Bat-signal. I wonder if the MoS series will have something like that and if so...what?

Look at all those companies producing stella stuff...Sideshow, Hot Toys, NECA, Props by Noble Collection, Kotobukiya, SquareEnix....I need another damn job for all this swag!

I wanna see the zod Lego figure with the armor and helmet/mask.
Why? You'll probably see a much better version in the Movie Master line either sometime this week from the Germany Toy Fair or next week in New York.

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