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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

But see, there we are just circling back to the original problem under discussion. Blake is disillusioned with the system throughout the movie, enough to seek out and encourage a vigilante to take action, enough to question orders, etc. - until Gordon reveals HIS disillusionment with the system, at which point Blake gets all self-righteous and judgmental.

The purpose of the one inconsistent scene is thematic - Blake has to question Gordon so that later by joining in with Gordon and Bruce's disillusionment he can somehow justify / legitimize / support their actions in TDK. But it falls flat because we already know Blake supports illegal methods of upholding justice, such as the Batman. This is why Blake seems like a convenient prop - he's there to play off of Gordon or Bruce in whatever way is necessary for the scene, and to conveniently take up Bruce's mantel at the end. But you never get a feel for him as a character himself, because he's always playing counterpoint / exposition - he's the counterpoint to Foley, he's the counterpoint to Gordon in one scene and his ally in all others, he's a plot device to get Bruce back into action because of his magical intuition... the character always feels too convenient and we never really get a good feel for who he is beyond his cliched backstory and flat surface level aspects.

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