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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Well Routh did mention in a interview on how his likeness to Reeve was also a deciding factor in how he got started in the business since the Agent that he got signed up with took notice of that and thought it'd be a good thing since back then he (the agent) knew that they were trying to relaunch the Superman film series.

On another note, I hope they release another group photo where it has Cavil and all of the Major Earth Bound characters and to keep the numbers to 5 like it was with the Kryptonian group, I'd go with: Cavil, Adams, Fishburne, Costner, and Lane.

Hell, it would have been nice if the krptonian photo had everyone in costume, with Cavil in his superman get up and for the Earth group to have Cavil in his Clark Kent outfit and everyone else in theirs.

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