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Default Re: X-men Movie Timeline

Not only does it contradict the timeline, but moving the Trilogy to 2000's also makes the ages of the characters a little be more ridiculous. People push Wolverine losing his memory into 1986, stating that X-men, X2 takes place in 2004, The Last stand in 2005. Moira for example would have to be believed to be pushing 70 years old. With Magneto being at least 70, with Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy not far behind. In 1994, following Origins: Wolverine, these characters are in a more "probable" age to make a little more sense. Does Moira look good for 50 something... of course, but there are women who age really well and look very young at 50. 60 something on the other hand... unlikely. I understand that you can dismiss all of this as just contradictions from a messed up timeline that Fox didn't pay close attention to, and you would be right, but considering Bryan Singer is trying to bring ALL the films together, we must look at it in a way that makes the most logical and realistic sense. All of these ages are fairly reasonable, also there is a thought that being a mutant allows you to age well as well, if only by a couple years.

Alex Summers being Scott Summers father, instead of brother, is not something that is yet confirmed, however from listening to the creators it sounded like the direction they were going to go. It makes sense to me, even though it contradicts the comics, so does many of Singers films.

And the creators have said the supposed "Emma Silverfox" is not Emma Frost, and given that they don't give any evidence in the movie itself that she is, and the fact that it completely contradicts everything about the Emma Frost of First Class, I tend to agree.

Xavier walking, and Magneto being his friend again, are two things I believe Bryan Singer will address in DOFP. Otherwise we can leave it up to our imagination... the ages on this timeline seem to work out fairly well... in 1970's Magneto and Charles united once more as friends and allies at some point... and Xavier somehow was able to regain the ability to walk, if only for a short while. Also, in 1994, when Xavier and Eric meet at the beginning of X-men, they are not enemies, so we can assume they did in some way retain some type of relationship.

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