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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
My issue with thinking of Blake as Nightwing (which i tend to do most of the time) is that i feel it robs Dick Grayson. Only Tim Drake is Red Robin, and only Dick is Nightwing. We have many Robins and Batmans so it's OK. But what if a Nightwing film were to happen? And it's not Dick Grayson? Doesn't feel right.

He's not a killer so i dont think of him as becoming Red Hood or Azrael.

My imagination doesn't lead me to "oh Batmans gonna come back to help out Robin" because that means Rises was meaningless. And how does that relationship end?? With bats retiring once again and giving the full mantle off to Robin eventually?? It's just repeating the TDKR ending.

So in my mind Robin John Blake is his own hero who trains with Lady Shiva (or Bruce) and that's it. Or he's a version of Batman Beyond without copying Terry's exact suit. Fully trained.
-In the Nolan-verse Blake is essentially Robin, so I don't see an issue with making him nightwing, I know the point of the movie is "anyone can be batman" but really unless you can fight like him, the criminals will wise up, if blake starts using firearms and stuff to kill people, then he truly is not Batman.

-To me you're not repeating TDKR ending, Batman disappears many times only to return for one reason or another. In my version Batman does not stay retired, he is there to mentor Blake and challenge him to earn the Batman title. He will train him and because Gotham needs Batman, Bruce returns, because once the evil forces figure out Nightwing/Blake is not the same Batman it will rise again.

It can also be a chance to introduce a new batman

IMO not using the ending to build ANYTHING would be so dumb

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