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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I'm still wondering though, how the heck is Asgard able to interact, let alone be interacted with, if the bi frost is destroyed, to the point where they're now in the midst of a ongoing war? If they cant be reached by anyone, let alone go to anyone as they once did without the bi-frost, how are they in any danger?
it may be that the Asgardians are not the only ones who know how to get between worlds. Loki said to Heimdall there are ways between worlds that even he is blind to, one assumes Loki learned of such things while becoming a "master of magic" prior to Thor 1, and so likely any cultures with in depth knowledge of magic would know how to do this (or where certain portals are located to and from whichever realms, if that's how it works).

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
It must be that being unable to go to anyone is not the same as being unreachable by anyone else. Others must have portal technology and I suppose they are seizing upon the current imbalance of power to pursue their own realms' interests.

Even when the Bifrost was functional, with Heimdall guarding it, it did not appear to be a freeway. So the Vanir, for example, could not use it to get over to Alfheim. They would have had to go some other route.
In the video game movie tie in to Thor, the Vanir have a run down version of it called Frostgrinder. But also, if there are specific passageways between worlds, then that could be where they are coming from, and could also be what Thor needs Loki for (to show him these passageways or to take him somewhere or to someone who can, although not sure why they wouldn't use the Tesseract in this case)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
There's probably a lot more races on Asgard than just what we saw in the palace. Taylor said that this movie explores most of the parts of Asgard that we didn't see in Thor 1, and gets down to the commoner level.
I recall reading somewhere that Nornheim, Vanaheim and Asgard all have a variety of races living on them. Certainly the Simonson Omnibus book I read would indicate that about Asgard and Nornheim. In the video game I mentioned, the Vanir are extinct, but the Trolls were enslaved by them and living trapped on Vanaheim, with Ullick wanting to return with the trolls to Nornheim. Not canon of course, but just mentioning since it was meant as a movie tie-in video game.

as for the other about Loki, I have a feeling that Bourne stuff is early on, and it sounds like it from the info in that article. SO more than likely, he's in prison, and probably bound so he can't use magic, so seems rather unlikely it's him that let them in.

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