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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan83 View Post
most people seem to be basing the XO:W ending as being 1979 assuming that what happen at the end was the Three Mile Island Accident...

but, it actually makes more sense that it would've been taking place after the accident in the mid 80s, after the plant was recommendation but, still shut down... Gambit even made a comment about how people are afraid to snoop around the because their worried about the radiation

I mean, do you think a secret government base, where they keep young kids/mutants locked up, and perform experiments, could just be set up in a fully operational power plant, with workers coming in and out all the time... without anyone noticing
Well I guess it's how you look at it, however I think it leans more towards the other way. People in general are afraid of Nuclear Power Plants radiation to begin with. But if you read up on it Three Mile Accident was a meltdown of Unit 2, the one Wolverine, Creed and Deadpool were fighting on... which eventually led to the destruction of that Unit. Not in the way the film has it, but it was said to be unsafe to walk in and eventually I think got completely destroyed. Which by the way took a clean up from 1979 to 1993 and cost $1 Billion. You think Styker was helping with that clean up do you? I think he caused it.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I really hate the idea of Havok being Cyclops' father; I would rather he was a much older brother.

I like to think that Emma Silverfox and Kayla Silverfox were the daughters of First Class Emma Frost, with one daughter gaining the diamond-morphing power and the other the mental control power (in the form of Kayla's 'tactile hypnosis').
They could be brothers, it happens. And Emma could be their mother. These are all possible, we will see what Bryan Singer does.

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