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Default Re: Hereee Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! : The Ellen Page/Shadowcat thread!

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
A character doing things like fighting or using powers or moving the plot from A to B doesn't really tell me much about who they are, though. That's almost being more like an instrument of sorts.

The scene in X2 with Nightcrawler and Storm is fantastic, but I think that the scene is pretty much all about Nighcrawler and again it doesn't really tell me anything about Storm herself. It could have been any other character in her place.

The scene with Kelly - again it feels like it's more like a scene for Kelly and Storm is just an observer. That line about fearing normal people is something, yes, but I don't think that it's enough to give a character a stray poignant line or two to elevate them out of blandness.
You know if Storm told Nightcrawler she was claustrophobic, it would add more to the scene where she has faith in Nightcrawler from bamfing them into a wall.

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