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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

You are repeating the end of TDKR each time you imagine Bruce returning to the cowl. Whether it's to lead Nightwing or if he finds Blake dead and then finds some orphan boy named Dick Grayson who he then dubs "Robin" ends the same way.

Bruce will still have to put it down once again. When he does, he'll be letting a fully trained Blake rise up or another kid in the future.

You can use the ending to build on something. But that something will have to be Blake's Batman. If Bruce comes back then fine, but not to suit up. More or less to become the new Lucius Fox or something.

I'll give an example. Let's say Joker gets woken up from some catatonic state in Arkham after hearing about Batman coming back from the dead. He breaks out and figures out how Blake isn't the true Batman. Whether John has training or not, Joker kills him. Bruce comes back for the funeral and puts the cape & cowl back on. He shuts down someone like Penguin on his way to Joker..whatever. After another long battle with his greatest foe, he's getting older and eventually needs to hang it up. He has the option of finding a boy in Wayne Manor (new school for orphans) to be a side-kick or a successor. With training, etc. No matter what you have a retirement story on ur hands and a future successor ONCE AGAIN because Gotham needs somebody just incase.

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