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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

The film needs more than one villain.
Lex Luthor is working together with one from Batman's villain gallery (either Clock King or The Riddler). And then we have another Supes character, Brainiac, who can symbolize the universe while the other two are Earth-bound.
The trio take out all communication and unleash chaos in the world as a vendetta for all our superheroes.
But Brainiac has an own sinister agenda. He's only weakening the world to prepare for the coming of a real big threat. Something yet to happen, but "countdown has begun". It's the coming of Darkseid. War god Ares is also joining Brainiac's cause. He likes a good slaughter, and would love to see humankind enslaved forever.
But what if Brianiac doesn't want to rule something, only destroy? Maybe he involves all these master brains, super people and gods/titans against each other just to wreck havock?
When Darkseid's armies arrive, there would be more than just the League who stands up for our world. I think all of Atlantis, every amazon warrior, the gods of Olympus and a part of the GL corps, along with the army/air force/navy from a lot of the world's countries

Maybe Brainiac have another trick up his sleeve, a secret weapon than not even Darkseid would have expected? Maybe Brainiac releases Doomsday towards the end of the film. Then expect a fight that goes on for more than 20 minutes, with every team member involved.

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