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Default Re: Which NEW Character/s would you like to see on the sequel?

Inless they do a FF tiein by Including adult Franklin Ricahrds unlikely to be any new characters.If this was just a first Class sequel or DOFP only using OT actors then yes they would have room for new characters but they a large cast of returnees for first Class and trilogy to surverice and balance.We allready have 8 confirmed characters(Including Xavier and Magneto In both timeframes) plus we may get Storm,Mystique and Colossus In future.Havok,Banshee,Emma,Azarel,Angel,and Riptide In past.Plus we have target of assassination.Moira could be back.And finally the sentinles.
That's a lot for Bryan Singer to balance.

I just don't understand why people moan and complain about size of character's roles and want them to add even more characters.

Singer's already said It's comic version of DOFP this film Is partly based on.Franklin and Rachel are only ones mentioned from It.And you can't have rachel due to fact the future Is post all other films.And both Cyclops and Jean are dead.

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