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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
DOFP isn't really X4 especially with the cast of First Class being in this movie.

AND DOFP isn't the closest thing to a X-Men 4. The producers had a back-up plan for X4 incase First Class didn't end up as a success and that X4 leads to X5. There's always a possibility for a true X-Men 4 movie.
Its a sequel to both FC and X Men. I think this is gonna be as true of an X men film as you get personally.

I dont get what people mean by a true X4. Just another modern X Men movie? A follow up to the X3 roster? Of course we are getting another X Men film after, but DOFP will change things pretty heavily. Any X Film after this will be a sequel to DOFP and not X3. So calling a post DOFP film X4 is kinda pointless imo. It will be a different roster and have different events.

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