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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Got wrong:

1. Wasn't a big fan of Penguin's gang of circus freaks / clowns... seemed too "Joker-esque" to me.

2. Selina being given magical powers by cats.

3. Too many sexual innuendo jokes, overdoing the whole Penguin is a sleazy creepster thing.

4. The more confined sets / set reuse. There may have been thematic significance to this, but it isn't as fun to watch. It makes it feel as if Returns lacks the scope of 89.

5. Batman killing. I'm quite a fan of Burton's interpretation of Batman, but not of the fact that his Batman kills (and, in the case of the strongman at least, seems to enjoy it).

Got right:

1. Bruce / Selina's relationship. Nailed it. Still my favorite interpretation. Too complex to get into here.

2. Bruce's withdrawal after Vicki leaves. Bruce's whole character arc is so subtle but there's a lot of complexity under the surface. Really well done.

3. The Penguin's backstory. I like the notion of the Penguin being a monster who wants to be accepted by higher society. I think Burton made him more disgusting and less sympathetic than he could have been, but overall the Penguin was a surprisingly solid sequel villain.

4. The action. A step up from B89. I enjoy how they put together action scenes in clever ways that work around the limitations of the batsuit and still come off as badass. Batman's trick with the grappling gun and the chunk off of the wall against the circus goon is one great example.

5. The ending. For all the convoluted twists and turns of the plot, the finale is hugely satisfying.

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