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Default Re: Specific deadline timetables for Marvel's licensed films

Originally Posted by eddy View Post
So basically X-Men and Spider-Man will be at Fox and Sony forever..or at least until we're all dead and who cares then? was really stupid for Marvel to make these contracts self-renewing but I guess they never thought they would be producing their own movies at the time. That said, it will be very easy for Fox and Sony to screw up, Fox especially. X-Men has to be in virtually perpetual production, as I said in the post, and that means one bad slip-up and the rights go back to Marvel. Sony obviously has had a history of production problems, and while Spider-Man is really big for them, they could always mess up by a director quitting and coming off of a poor box office performance. But that would be hoping the franchise dies in a sense...

That said, I think both Spider-Man and X-Men will be fine with these studios going forward. It's obvious they're both getting their act together after the Avengers. The thing I'm really sour about is FF, and more importantly its related characters/races, not being apart of the MCU.

Originally Posted by Spidey-Quad View Post
thanks for taking the time on this. I found it very interesting, particularly the evolving gaps allow between movies. Long-term I guess it makes perfect sense to ratchet up the production giving Marvel a realistic chance to retain their rights.

On and off note it's really a shame Fox and Marvel can't work together on sharing some of these characters. The FF especially has so much lore pertinent to early Marvel stories.
Yeah, and FF is the hardest for Marvel to get back due to the longer gap allowed, unfortunately.

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