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Default Who are the top 5 villains you most wanna see done again?

1.Mr Freeze-No comment nessessary

2.Riddler-Just as obsessive,far less goofy,more subtle yet brain wracking riddles.

3.Penguin-A more "Kingpin" type crooked businessman/crime boss

4.Two Face-The Dark Knight portayal was fine,I just first of all would rather he not die (though I understand why he was killed off) and secondly,I like the idea that there's always a chance that Harvey's still in there and might one day overcome his evil side.

5.Ra's Al Ghul-Traditional Lazarus Pit version.

Honorable mentions to Poison Ivy who deserves a much better portrayal than the one in Batman and Robin and Talia,who's portrayal I prefer being torn between her loyalty to her father and her love for Batman.Plus,a neccessity in introducing Damien.

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