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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

I don't know how you can diss Jim Lee. Someone on here was complaining about how all of his characters are macho super heroes...he draws super heroes and heroins...they are supposed to be muscular. I've seen a lot of worse artwork out there. At least its not creepy looking like finches work. "Lets just give each character a jillion muscles and take five months to do it, b/c all my work is so freaking over detailed and my characters look ugly."

One of the reasons why I like Jim is because he has improved so much as an artist. Take a look at the progression from Alpha flight 51 to X-Men #1. His art style first came out with Punisher war journal back in 88 one year after he had started. You can tell that he's someone who really works he's arse off. 10 to 14 hours per page 6 days a week. At least thats what he was saying back in an interview in 92.

I know a lot about this guy b/c he is my biggest inspiration. So I don't tolerate people bashing jim.

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