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Default Re: Who are the top 5 villains you most wanna see do again?

1. The Penguin. As much as I enjoyed Danny DeVito's circus/sewer freak interpretation, I would like to see a more traditional take on Mr. Cobblepot.

2. Mr. Freeze. Paul Dini's tragic Mr. Freeze on screen please.

3. The Scarecrow. Barely scratched the surface of his potential in Nolan's movies. I want to see a fully costume terrifying Scarecrow.

4. The Riddler. Lots of potential for a smart obsessive villain like Edward Nygma.

5. The Ventriloquist and Scarface. I know they've never been done in the movies before,, but I would like to see them more than Joker, Catwoman, Two Face and Ivy yet again. I think these two are one of the creepiest villains Batman has. I mean a guy who's puppet has it's own sadistic personality in his mind.

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