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Default Re: Superhero Film of the Year - 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
This is probably the perfect thing to say about The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Avengers. Both are all in good nature and great films and that's why TDKR and Avengers are my favorite CBMs of all time as well as they really speak to me as CBMs because they're powerful in their own ways.
2012, much like 2008, shows the how versatile the genre can be. I think the more important question is where the genre can from here after 2012. I think there's much space for even more unique properties to display different world and different feels. I can see more genre blending and deconstruction with the genre.

I also feel like it's time for more risks to be taken, aka the aforemention deconstruction of the genre and Rated R versions of actual superhero movies. Not a grounded punisher or a non superpowered world like Kickass, or a one shot movie like Watchmen or V for Vendetta, but an actual Rated R superhero movie. I doubt it, but I do hope The Wolverine is rated R. I feel like we can finally see Wolverine unleashed if it is.

The Avengers success means we will see more Marvel heroes on screen eventually (though I wish we had more variety of newer heroes and sequels), and it gives more opportunity to greater show the diversity of the Marvel Universe. Iron Man shows more the tech and corporate espionage world; Captain America shows more of the straight political thriller; Thor goes more into a Norse myth/epic hybrid; and Guardians digs into the cosmic universe of Marvel. I expect SHIELD to explore different areas of the Marvel Universe and give way for more superheroes to show up.

I think the good news about post Avengers 2 is that we will get even more diversity after that with Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, and Heroes for Hire (the latter two are in development while the former is pretty much ready to go) for the Spy, Magic, and street crime genres respectively.

This is not a Marvel vs. DC thing, but I'm saying that there is much branching out for superhero properties to be done in the coming years.

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