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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

I've only seen a few episodes of The Batman and it's definitely not the worst, but TAS is simply the best.

The writing for new shows simply isn't as good, in my opinion, and some of the elements seemed too sci-fi for the Batman universe like when they made a digital Joker clone or when Batman went into the Joker's Mind.

None of the redesigns were an improvement on TAS and a lot of them I flat out didn't like.

They changed Bane from his wrestler outfit which defines him as being strong and hand-to-hand combat-based to high-tech which really doesn't stand out at all.

Apparently Marilyn Manson is the new Riddler? Didn't see that one coming. I actually thought it was a girl at first and figured it was Enigma. He also seems a lot more violent, which is cool with me. Kinda SAW-esque, but I don't know how Riddler fans feel about it.

Catwoman, while adorable and more up-to-date, looks more like a bat than a cat.

Joker... How the heck do you even get that wild man from the Joker's original design??? Not to mention nobody tops Mark Hamill as the Joker's voice, so it's automatically a step down from TAS.

I'm not a fan of Harley's huge hood and the fingerless gloves are kinda stupid considering the reason she needed a costume in the first place was so she could go on that rampage with the Joker without being identified, so why would she risk leaving fingerprints? BUT it's still true to her character design unlike the crap that's been coming out of the comics and video games lately. I also didn't like her new intro story. They made her a fraud psychologist (true, even Mad Love did this by implying she slept her way through college, but even that's better than this and that part wasn't mentioned at all in TAS), they made it really obvious that the Joker was just using her, they took the whole falling in love with her patient and breaking him out of Arkham part out altogether, and they made her seem much more vengeful and initially corrupt than the sweet, protective, and delusional character Harley usually is.

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