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Default Re: Antje Traue IS Faora in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
She is so gorgeous.
Yes. She. Is.

Originally Posted by sef View Post
Arquette not so much, more like a dark brunette version of Sharon Stone circa Basic Instinct.

I'm more struck by the uncanny resemblance between Traue and Cavill, to be honest.
Cleft chin. Check.
Bumped nose bridge. Check.
Similar brow ridge. Check.

Is/was there an alternative version of Superman where (unbeknownst to both sides) Faora/Ursa eventually turned out to be the sister of Kal-El?
Could make for an interesting twist, to say the least.
Me too. They really favor each other. And that would be a serious twist. And as far as a else world version, I don't recall there being one.

Originally Posted by Jake Cassidy View Post
It'd be cool if the picture were bigger and on the other side of Cavill they had Adams, Costner, Lane and Fishburne. Kryptonians on 1 side. Humans on the other. Superman in the middle.
That would be perfect!

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