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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Cap's "death" worked in the comics because Cap was already a beloved and LOOOONG-established centerpiece of the Marvel Universe, so when Millar and Bendis martyred him and made their little red-state/blue-state political statement, it resonated.

MCU Cap isn't even out of his diapers yet, by contrast. He's already been "dead" for 70 years, and his "resurrection" is just now being celebrated by the world (America, anyway). Killing him off *again,* and for real this time, would have a resonance factor of exactly zero with movie audiences.
On top of that, Steve Rogers has had very little time in the 21st Century. The "Man Out of Time" story was/is very important to Steve and Captain America, but if he dies now that will remain unexplored. The film universe also has yet to firmly establish Captain America as the well-regarded tactical leader and moral exemplar that he is in the comics. The audience has barely gotten to know the man, so why would they kill him off before he has a chance to fully develop and realize his potential?

Marvel found its perfect Steve Rogers in Chris Evans and fought long and hard to convince him to play the role. In fact, they put a lot of effort in getting him into a six-picture deal after he refused to sign on for nine. I don't think they will pull the plug on this version of Captain America until the character's story has been explored in several more films.

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