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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

^Bump or not, Thor was the aggressor and there was still more damage to him than SS. I know in the past Thor has beaten SS, but nowadays the Surfer takes it and this fight proved it.

Thor was TRYING to hurt SS, trying to put him down and take him out of the fight, Surfer was just trying to hold Thor off and talk him down. Nothing Thor did really hurt SS, when they landed on Mars it was Surfer who hurtled them toward it so again Thor didnt hurt him then either. Look at the image when they grapple for the hammer, Thor is putting all his effort into it, screaming with effort in fact, yet Surfer is still just talking normal, then Thor head-butts him once he knows he cant beat SS strength-wise.

If both modern versions of the characters went at it hell for leather, the Surfer takes it for me.

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