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Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Well, iOS in general and Facebook. I think that's where the people who made the Wii such a success are getting their gaming fix, and I don't think those people are necessarily interested in ever buying another console. And it's not just the casuals, it goes the other way too. A lot of gaming enthusiasts who previously only played on consoles are eyeing the PC pretty hard as it becomes more and more accessible.

Am I saying that all of the consoles are going to fail and iOS gaming is going to completely take over? No. All I'm saying is that all three of the current consoles, the Wii in particular, were just in the right place at the right time and the next generation probably isn't going to hit as hard due to people having other options.
I don't think there is room for 3 consoles to fully succeed again. That last gen was a one-off mix of circumstances. But whoever survives should be ok. And mobile gaming I don't think is taking as much away from AAA as is being suggested. AAA by definition is supposed to be the top tier of gaming driven by technology and that technology (bar pc which as a result is seeing a rejuvenation) is the oldest it's ever been in the history of games.

Consoles are locked to bedrooms/lounges so anything 'on the go' is complementary rather than direct competition. I don't know how big the population is of those who want to play a mobile game for hours at home & who would previously have bought a console.. but now won't.

I can see the middle tier of games being hurt but generally those games have been relatively overpriced (at launch) and under par for a long time.

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