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Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Nintendo always makes money on their hardware. It will be a success in that regard no matter what. But I don't think the Wii U will be anywhere near as successful as the Wii in terms of pure sales numbers and mainstream adoption. I think Nintendo will be lucky if the Wii U sells more than 40 million units in its lifetime.

For the most part the same thing goes for Orbis and Durango as well. There's an ongoing massive shift in the video game industry and in the audience for games, and I don't think it will favor consoles and AAA gaming.
Wii was in the right place at the right time, and that won't happen again any time soon. That goes for all the consoles. I'm thinking most consoles will hit around 60 million tops.
Originally Posted by Benstamania View Post
Ok, we'll year I agree with you there. It's also why I don't think the next generation is going to be expensive.

1.) People do have other options now... And console developers know this.

2.) The WiiU launched at 350..Kind of setting a price point that people will expect. I know the next gen will probably be more powerful.. But Microsoft and especially Sony can't afford people going with Nintendo again over their system.

3.) Part of me expects a WiiU price drop by Summer. Maybe not but Nintendo will take drastic measures to get sales where they want them... Even taking more of a loss. Look at how it worked for the 3DS.

4.) The Steambox. I fully believe that this thing will be a home console game changer... More so if it does have the ability to upgrade the memory and graphics card. I originally thought it would affect PC's more but now I know it won't. I really think the big Three have a new challenger in the home gaming market... More so if Valve does what they normally do and price low.
Plus the other factors of a financial crisis that people weren't in when Wii and the other consoles launch.

I think if Steambox becomes marginally successful, it will mean good things for the home console ecosystem.
Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
I don't think there is room for 3 consoles to fully succeed again. That last gen was a one-off mix of circumstances. But whoever survives should be ok. And mobile gaming I don't think is taking as much away from AAA as is being suggested. AAA by definition is supposed to be the top tier of gaming driven by technology and that technology (bar pc which as a result is seeing a rejuvenation) is the oldest it's ever been in the history of games.

Consoles are locked to bedrooms/lounges so anything 'on the go' is complementary rather than direct competition. I don't know how big the population is of those who want to play a mobile game for hours at home & who would previously have bought a console.. but now won't.

I can see the middle tier of games being hurt but generally those games have been relatively overpriced (at launch) and under par for a long time.
That's why I think Nintendo went in this direction with the GamePad, and not to necessarily capitalize on the tablet craze. With the GamePad for a lot of games, you can take your experience away from the screen, and the apps that it does have or will have available will make it so that you pick up the GamePad instead of other devices. It's trying to do all this to sustain itself against some of those threats, but who knows if that kind of integration will work down the road.

I'm not sure if they'll release an app for it in the US, but in Japan there's an online food order app similar to GrubHub available on the Wii U.

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