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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
But I believe the number of fans from the rest of the series outnumber the number of new fans due to First Class. And since it looks like we're getting the main cast members of both back, they're trying to keep everyone happy.
I completely agree. I think its obvious from how excited the interwebs are at the return of Original trilogy actors is a testament to that fact. I think people are just overreacting. Vaughn has said since day one that he wanted to set FC2 in the 70's I don't understand why it now comes as a shock to some people. The film is set mainly in the past, meaning it will feature the first class characters heavily so I really don't see what there is to complain about. I think people should just be happy that an X-Men movie is being made with both the first class cast and the OXT cast.

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