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Default Re: Which Company Wide Storyline Would You Like To See In MCU?

After thinking about it more I'd like to see an event that mixes Annihilation, War of Kings, and the Thanos Imperative after the Inhumans finally get their movie (probably after Avengers 3). It could be the first cosmic only crossover film. By that time we should have had the Guardians and Thanos firmly established and Nova and Quasar introduced.

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
Sounds impossible...
In my mind it works like this: the World Council is pushing SHIELD to register the heroes and Maria Hill backs them, going over Fury's head, and they decide to make her director over Fury. Tony supports the idea and as Black Widow, Falcon, and Hawkeye are agents of SHIELD they must comply. This splits the Avengers in half, which leads to their disassembling. However, what everyone thinks is Tony is really a shapeshifted Skrull posing as Tony to cause disorder amongst the heroes. It turns out what led the council to order the registration act in the first place was influenced by Skrulls in disguise. With the original Avengers split and disassembled, this leads to the formation of the New Avengers led by Cap.

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