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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

I'm about halfway through this draft, I actually didn't know that the Air Force one scene that was used in Superman Returns its pretty much identical except this script injected abit if humour in that scene.

There is definite stuff wrong with it mid, Krypton doesn't explode, a dying Kryptonian somehow manages to pass over his advanced knowledge to Lex just by touching him, sone if the dialogue is awful and just like Supernan Returns I think this script gets Lois totally wrong she comes across a smartass and a ***** at times. It also features an attempted rape scene and Supernan seemingly getting over his Fathers death really quickly because he can't stop thinking about Lois.

Still though I think it would have been better than SRs. I even can forgive Krypton not exploding as I feel they wanted to try to do one thing different. Although I will say that I still feel SRs was a blessing in disguise, we could have gotten Flyby, it might have been a flop and Henry Cavill would've already played the part thus missing out on Man of Steel. If it had still happened in a similar way that is.

Originally Posted by batman strikes View Post
The 2003 draft was the one Ratner was going to shoot and he wanted Matt Bomer to play Superman. McG was going to film the third draft and some of it was rewritten by Josh Schwartz of O.C. Fan. Of course everyone knows that McG had cast Henry Cavill in the role of Superman.
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