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Originally Posted by Benstamania View Post
3.) Part of me expects a WiiU price drop by Summer. Maybe not but Nintendo will take drastic measures to get sales where they want them... Even taking more of a loss. Look at how it worked for the 3DS.
I think there will be a price drop, but it will be announced at or around E3. You have to remember that the crazy price drop on 3DS (as well as the ambassador program, don't forget that) was fueled not only by low sales, but by there being a serious software drought from launch until the next holiday season. That's not really a problem with the Wii U as far as I can see.

4.) The Steambox. I fully believe that this thing will be a home console game changer... More so if it does have the ability to upgrade the memory and graphics card. I originally thought it would affect PC's more but now I know it won't. I really think the big Three have a new challenger in the home gaming market... More so if Valve does what they normally do and price low.
I don't think the Steam Box will be as big a deal as some of us are hoping, but I do think it will be the first step of something big for Valve and the gaming industry. Also, I think the Steam Box will be more expensive than you would like, but keep in mind that there will be a variety of Steam Boxes out there.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Consoles are locked to bedrooms/lounges so anything 'on the go' is complementary rather than direct competition. I don't know how big the population is of those who want to play a mobile game for hours at home & who would previously have bought a console.. but now won't.
I'm not saying the people I was referring to are playing mobile games for hours on end in lieu of consoles, I'm saying that those people never played games for hours on end and that's why they're choosing mobile games over console games.

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