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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - letdown or not?

Originally Posted by Hamill-Joker View Post
Why do people continue to nitpick this film?

Let's just go crazy....

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The Avengers sucks because the Hulk plotline doesn't make any sense what so ever because they never explain how Banner has some control over the Hulk at the end of the film when he was going crazy and trying to kill Black Widow and Thor earlier?

The Dark Knight sucks because how the hell does The Joker magically get all of those ****ing oil drums all over the place, in the basement of a hospital, in the ferries, etc... without anyone knowing? What really happens when Batman saves Rachel after Joker throws her out a window, how the hell do they survive the fall? Who are the supposed "five dead" at the end? etc...

And if you want to complain about Bruce's financial problems in TDKR keeping him from getting back to Gotham, how about Bruce making it all the way out to Asia in Batman Begins without his financial resources because he threw away his wallet and obviously they couldn't have declared him dead if he did access his money during the time he was away.

No one is in the room at the beginning of the movie Citizen Kane when Kane says Rosebud, so how the hell does anyone know that Rosebud was his last words, which is the catalyst for the entire movie?

How come in Casablanca, the Letters of Transit are never used in any meaningful fashion what-so-ever, despite being the major maguffin for the film???
I'm going to assume you are being facetious about Avengers, seeing as that subplot had a very obvious explanation, it just required the viewer to pay attention and interpret what was happening, rather than be given a convenient bit of shining neon exposition.

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